ClearChem™ environmental claims data approved for inclusion in mindful MATERIALS cloud library

Posted December 28, 2017

Berkeley Analytical’s ClearChem™ environmental claims data have been approved for inclusion in the mindful MATERIALS program. This important development for ClearChem customers is the result of Berkeley Analytical’s newly formed data partnership with GIGA and GIGA’s Origin online material data hub.

mindful MATERIALS (mM) is a rapidly growing, volunteer-led collaborative that promotes the aggregation, storage and dissemination of data for environmentally preferred products. An essential component of this effort is the mM Cloud Library. The library is a freely searchable, curated database of products that have various sustainability attributes including low chemical emissions and chemical ingredient transparency. Beginning in the second quarter 2018, ClearChem claims data will be automatically uploaded to the Origin material data hub. Other product claims programs and manufacturers themselves also upload their various product data into Origin. Manufacturers then request a review of the data by mM volunteers including BuildingGreen, which serves as the technical advisory partner. The data are checked for accuracy and, when approved, they are published in the mM Cloud Library. This makes the data freely accessible to users from many top architecture and design firms, building contractor organizations, and property management companies.