Acrylic Technologies, Inc.

Acrylic Technologies Inc. is located in Portland, Oregon, USA. We manufacture interior coatings that are shipped throughout the United States and Canada. Our trademark brand is Acrylitex, but we also manufacture for private label. Acrylic Technologies distributes through drywall and retail paint suppliers, lumber yards, and hardware stores throughout the United States and Canada.

Product Name Product Number Product Line Product Categorysort descending Conformity Certificate
Acrylitex Smooth Wall 291017 Acrylitex Smooth Wall Paints
Acrylitex Qwik Prep Plus 235017 Acrylitex Qwik Prep Plus Paints
Acrylitex Qwik Prep 280017 Acrylitex Qwik Prep Paints
Acrylitex MPI #50 Primer/Sealer 296017 Acrylitex MPI #50 Paints