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Al Hodgson, ClearChem Program Manager, 510-236-2325,   email

ClearChem™ is designed to serve the needs of architects, product specifiers, and other professionals involved in the design and construction of building interiors. If you’re attempting to earn indoor environmental quality credits by incorporating low-emitting materials in a high-performance building or need to meet indoor pollutant control requirements of green building codes, you’ll most likely need documentation. 

The ClearChem directory provides you with self-declared certificates of conformity for building products that have been tested for emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and that comply with the acceptance criteria in CDPH Standard Method V1.2. This standard is specifically required in USGBC LEED v4 EQ Credit: Low Emitting Materials (LEM) and either is required or is a recognized compliance pathway in many other green building standards and codes. USGBC lists ClearChem as acceptable first-party claim program for EQ Credit Low Emitting Materials. Downloadable Self Declarations are available for all products that are listed on the Company pages. These declarations follow the guidance for first-party claims in ISO International Standard 14021: Environmental labels and declarations – Self-declared environmental claims. You also can find many of the ClearChem declarations on

The primary ClearChem objective is to provide users with complete and fully transparent self-declared (i.e., first-party) environmental product claims in a uniform format: 

  • Each declaration is supported by a VOC emission test.
  • The product is unambiguously identified. 
  • All details regarding the test standard and the modeled use scenario are listed. 
  • The test report serving as the basis for the claim is identified. 
  • Additional information needed for USGBC LEED v4 Low-Emitting Materials credit is provided. 
  • An authorized management representative signs the declaration indicating that the company takes full responsibility for the declared attribute. 

See the About page for more detailed information regarding the ClearChem program, Self Declarations, and the product directory. Download ClearChem Standard BkA-CC-01 for a full description.