ClearChem™ Standard version BkA-CC-01.4 is published and now includes new product types

Posted May 23, 2019

ClearChem Standard version BkA-CC-01.4 was published on May 21, 2019. In response to customer interest, the ClearChem program has been expanded to include additional product types. Section 7.4.3 has been revised to define procedures for claims in the Adhesives category for non-full-spread product applications and for other product categories not listed in CDPH Standard Method V1.2 (e.g., duct adhesives). Additionally, Section 7.4.4 has been revised to define procedures for claims in the Grouts + Sealants category for applications other than window sealants. All such claims are required to be supported by a letter on the company’s letterhead giving the area loading of the product in the selected standard environment (i.e., classroom, private office, or single-family residence) for a typical or worst-case application of the product in this environment as required by CDPH Standard Method V1.2, Section 4.3.6. For product categories with very small loadings in the standard building scenarios, a default area-specific air flow rate of 20 cubic meters per hour per square meter of product will be applied. This rate corresponds to a product area of one square meter in the standard private office scenario and 9.6 square meters in the standard school classroom scenario.