Design Polymerics

Manufacturers of High Performance Green Building Products designed with an emphasis on performance and workability for the HVAC, Insulation, Indoor Air Quality and Commercial markets.

We are commited to provide sustainable high quality products such as Sealants, Adhesives, Mastics, Industrial Coatings and accessories with great customer and technical service.

Product Name Product Number Product Line Product Category Conformity Certificate
DP 1010 Smooth Water Based Duct Sealant DP 1010 Sealants Grouts & Sealants
DP 1015 Smooth Water Based Duct Sealant DP 1015 Sealants Grouts & Sealants
DP 1020 Fibered Water Based Duct Sealant DP 1020 Sealants Grouts & Sealants
DP 1030 Fibered Water Based Duct Sealant DP 1030 Sealants Grouts & Sealants
DP 1090 Low VOC Solvent Based Duct Sealant DP 1090 Sealants Grouts & Sealants
DP 2501/2502 Water Based Duct Liner Adhesive DP 2501, DP 2502 Adhesives Adhesives
DP 5050 Weather Barrier Coating DP-5050 Mastics Moisture Barrier (coating)
DP-3050 DP-3050 Mastics Adhesives
DP-3060 :Lagging Adhesive and protective coating DP-3060 Mastics Adhesives
DP-5060 Weather Barrier Coating DP-5060 Mastics Moisture Barrier (coating)