Eco Safety Products

Eco Safety Products is a leading sustainable coatings manufacturer that incorporates bio-renewable raw materials to replace toxic petro-chemical solvents. We have been serving the professional trade, construction supply, paint dealer, hardware, and green building industry the last 16 years. 


Changing the way the world builds, by providing non-toxic, health-conscious green building coating solutions that are beautiful, durable, and affordable.


We thoroughly evaluate and screen every raw material ingredient using a third party service partner that compares the ingredient data against the most current GreenScreen, Chemical Scorecard, and Red List Chemical databases prior to launching a product development project. Additionally, every supplier must agree to participate in our full ingredient transparency program to ensure every ingredient is measured to a minimum of 1,000 ppm and most to 100 ppm, can be validated, screened, and then submitted for USGBC LEED v4, Health Product Declaration (HPD), and other industry leading Green Building program reports.


All our products must meet three evaluation criteria in order to be released for sale to the public once it has passed our chemical screening process. (1) Sustainability: The product must contain renewably sourced ingredients, contain no red list chemicals, and meet the most stringent VOC Emissions Test. (2) Performance: The product must achieve the same or better performance results than its nearest same in class competitor. (3) Value: The product retail cost and/or true cost of ownership must be lower than its nearest same in class competitor or at least equal.

Being an industry pioneer and game changer takes persistence, determination, and a never ending pursuit of continual improvement. Our team of dedicated professionals who are individuals just like everyone of our customers, gives purpose to our daily commitment to provide the safest and most effective products available in class.

The team at Eco Safety Products has dedicated its R & D from inception to develop replacements for toxic petrochemicals in every product we produce. We want our customers to enjoy the highest performance expectations at a cost that is the same or lower than conventional products without worrying about air quality, carbon impacts, toxin exposure and other dangerous chemical hazards. You can be assured of our personal and prompt attention with the focus on providing value for your organization.

Product Name Product Number Product Line Product Category Test start date Conformity Certificate
DuraSoy Paint & Primer D2-6000 EcoProCote Paints 02/09/2018
Eco-Tuff HT Coating ET-6800 EcoProCote Paints 02/09/2018
SoyCrete Concrete Stain S1-1000 EcoProCote Paints 02/09/2018