Forbo Flooring Systems

Forbo Flooring Systems is a leading global flooring manufacturer of high-quality, commercial floor coverings that include Linoleum, Vinyl, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, and Flocked Flooring.  With a market share of over 65%, Forbo is the world leader in Linoleum, which is sold in modular and roll formats.

Product Name Product Number Product Line Product Category Test start date Conformity Certificate
Allura Decibel Allura Decibel Allura Decibel Flooring 04/19/2024
Allura Flex Allura Flex 1 mm, Allura Flex 0.5 mm Allura Flex Flooring 05/26/2023
Allura LVT Allura 0.55 mm, Allura 0.70 mm Allura Flooring 04/19/2024
Allura Puzzle Allura Puzzle Allura Puzzle Flooring 06/23/2023
ArmorCove ArmorCove ArmorCove Flooring 08/25/2023
Bulletin Board Bulletin Board Bulletin Board Wallcoverings 04/19/2024
Colorex Plus Colorex Plus RC, Colorex Plus Basic, Colorex Plus R10 Colorex Plus Flooring 05/19/2023
Colorex SD | EC Colorex SD, EC Colorex SD | EC Flooring 05/19/2023
Coral Brush Coral Brush Coral Brush Flooring 07/07/2022
Coral Duo Coral Duo Coral Duo Flooring 07/15/2022
Coral Grip Coral Grip Coral Grip Flooring 07/15/2022
Coral Modular Coral Modular Coral Modular Flooring 07/15/2022
Corkment Underlayment Corkment Underlayment Corkment Underlayment Flooring 05/12/2023
Eternal Decibel Eternal Decibel Eternal Decibel Flooring 05/26/2023
Eternal Sheet Eternal Wood, Eternal Material Eternal Sheet Flooring 04/19/2024
Eternal Step Eternal Step Original Eternal Step Flooring 05/26/2023
Eternal Step Aqua Eternal Step Aqua Eternal Step Aqua Flooring 05/26/2023
Eternal Step SR Eternal Step SR, Eternal Step SR Aqua Eternal Step SR Flooring 07/15/2022
Eternal Step Wood Eternal Step Wood Eternal Step Wood Flooring 07/15/2022
Flotex Advance Flotex Advance Flotex Advance Flooring 06/07/2024
Flotex Modular Flotex Conventional Tile and Plank, Flotex HD Modular Plank, Flotex Harmony Plank, Flotex Harmony Tile, FCT (Flotex Composition Tile). Flotex Modular Flooring 05/26/2023
Flotex Sheet Flotex Sheet (Calgary, Metro, Canyon, Penang); Flotex HD Sheet (Journeys II, Naturals II, Vision, Flotex by Starck, Flotex Tibor). Flotex Sheet Flooring 04/19/2024
Furniture Linoleum Furniture Linoleum Furniture Linoleum Flooring 05/26/2023
Impressa Impressa Impressa Flooring 01/27/2023
Marmoleum Cinch LOC SEAL Marmoleum Cinch LOC SEAL Marmoleum Cinch LOC SEAL Flooring 06/24/2022
Marmoleum Cocoa Marmoleum Cocoa Marmoleum Cocoa Flooring 05/26/2023
Marmoleum Decibel Marmoleum Decibel Marmoleum Decibel Flooring 05/26/2023
Marmoleum Modular & MCT with Topshield pro Marmoleum Modular (Striato, Striato Textura, Slate Textura); MCT (Marmoleum Composition Tile). Marmoleum Modular & MCT with Topshield pro Flooring 04/26/2024
Marmoleum Ohmex Marmoleum Ohmex Marmoleum Ohmex Flooring 04/26/2024
Marmoleum Sheet with Topshield pro Marmoleum Sheet (Real, Fresco, Concrete, Vivace, Splash, Terra, Piano, Striato, Slate, Textura, Walton Uni, Cirrus); MCS (Marmoleum Composition Sheet). Marmoleum Sheet with Topshield pro Flooring 07/15/2022
Nuway Grid Nuway Grid Nuway Grid Flooring 07/01/2022
Nuway Tuftigaurd Nuway Tuftigaurd Nuway Tuftigaurd Flooring 07/01/2022
Onyx+ Onyx+ Onyx+ Wallcoverings 05/31/2024
Sphera Sphera Sphera Flooring 04/26/2024
Sphera SD | EC Sphera Static Control Homogenous Sheet (Sphera SD, Sphera EC) Sphera SD | EC Flooring 04/10/2024
Surestep Decibel Surestep Decibel Surestep Decibel Flooring 08/04/2023
Surestep Laguna Surestep Laguna Surestep Laguna Flooring 08/04/2023