Ghostshield® KreteTek Industries Inc.

Engineered in the Lab.
Proven in the Field.™

Ghostshield® Concrete Sealers & Specialty Coatings is a leading global brand of innovative specialty concrete sealers, water and oil repellents, densifiers, durable coatings and structural waterproofing systems that enhance and protect the world’s most iconic structures.

Many of our formulations have a long history in underground waterproofing and have played an integral role in the success of companies like De Neef® Chemical and W.R. Grace & Company.  Our proven formulations, blended with some of the latest advancements in nanotechnology, has allowed Ghostshield® to consistently outperform many of todays’ most notable sealers.  Known for our penetrating and impregnating concrete sealers, our proprietary formulations are quickly becoming the preferred choice for architects, engineers, and builders looking for the most robust formulas for the most demanding projects.

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Product Name Product Number Product Line Product Category Test start date Conformity Certificate
Iso-Tek-8501 Iso-Tek-8501 Penetrating concrete sealer Concrete Finishes 05/07/2021