Graphenstone is the brainchild of a chemical engineer who dedicated himself to the idea of developing a natural, ecological and health-conscious coating that was also performant and durable to meet the requirements of the new generations. After several years of research, Graphenstone was born as the only company in the world developing natural coatings with graphene technology. The company's philosophy and objective is to create building materials that respect the environment and people's health, maintaining circular economy principles.

Graphenstone unique products combine artisanal lime with graphene technology and contain no toxic chemicals or petrochemical ingredients. Product properties include excellent performance, enhanced flexibility, washability, breathability, low carbon footprint and the capacity of improving air quality.

Graphenstone offers a wide range of sustainable solutions adapted to every project and need.

Product Name Product Number Product Line Product Category Conformity Certificate
AmbientPro+ Premium AmbientPro+ Premium, Ecosphere Premium, Biosphere Premium Graphenstone Premium Lime-Based Paints Paints
GrafClean Ag+ Premium GrafClean Ag+ Premium, GrafClean Therm Premium, GrafClean Premium. GrafClean Premium Paints