Peacock Laboratories, Inc.

Permalac NT is our most ecological lacquer formula, with under 70 g/l of VOCs! It contains NO TOLUENE, has little to no odor, is self-leveling, fast-curing, and demonstrates exceptional performance given its ultra-low VOC value. The Permalac NT provides excellent durability on steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze, as well as on other substrates such as stone, wood, and fiberglass. Our Permalac NT product has been FDA food-grade tested and also holds a ClearChem certification in being compliant according to LEED standards. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor application. Permalac NT is available in semi-gloss, satin, matte, and ultra-flat sheens. 

Permalac NT is sought out by architects because it does not alter patinas or the surface texture of metals in any way. It is used in large-scale construction projects that rely on the protection of Permalac NT, to magnify the beauty of the design and to protect that beautiful appearance. Property managers and building owners appreciate the unparalleled protection provided for bare metal structures, ornamental metal works, railings, elevators, for both interior and exterior application while reducing the frequency (and cost) of maintenance.

Product Name Product Number Product Line Product Category Conformity Certificate
Permalac NT Matte Permalac NT Matte, Permalac NT Blackener Matte, Permalac NT Black Matte, Permalac NT Brass Matte, Permalac NT Bronze Matte, Permalac NT Christmas Gold Matte, Permalac NT Copper Matte, Permalac NT Rose Gold Matte Permalac NT Paints
Permalac NT Satin Permalac NT Satin, Permalac NT Blackener Satin, Permalac NT Black Satin Permalac NT Paints