PPG Dulux

Dulux is a global leading brand of premium quality paint, and the guiding principles for any Dulux product are to ensure they consistently live up to the Dulux reputation for verifiable, total product performance that is both recognized and expected by our customers.

We offer a complete line of value-added paint products, exclusively through our Canadian Dulux Paints stores, including the recognized Glidden, and Flood brands as well as a wide range of specialty anti-rust paint and woodcare coatings.

We employ nearly 1,700 people in 3 manufacturing plants, 4 distribution centers and more than 240 corporate Dulux Paints stores across Canada. We are dedicated to delivering high performance solutions and quality products, as well as unrivalled technical expertise to meet the current and future needs of our customers.

Our decorative paints enrich people's lives by bringing visual delight and lasting care to their surroundings. You probably don't realize it but, every day, wherever you go, you're looking at our work. That's because more people choose our decorative paints and performance coatings than those of any other manufacturer. From hospitals and schools to the house next door our products are chosen by professional decorators, contractors and do-it-yourself enthusiasts across Canada. - See more at: https://www.dulux.ca/diy/about-dulux#sthash.hnomloCK.dpuf

Product Name Product Numbersort descending Product Line Product Category Test start date Conformity Certificate
Glidden Spraymaster Pro Dryfall 10112 Dryfall Paints 04/07/2017
Dulux X-Pert Blockfiller 36250 Blockfiller Paints 04/07/2017
Dulux Lifemaster Matte 59111 Interior Paint Paints 09/23/2016
Dulux Lifemaster Primer/Sealer 59113 Interior Primer/Sealer Paints 09/23/2016
Dulux Lifemaster Semi-Gloss 59211 Interior Paint Paints 09/23/2016
Dulux Lifemaster Semi-Gloss 59217 Interior Paint Paints 10/27/2017
Dulux Lifemaster Eggshell 59311 Interior Paint Paints 09/23/2016
Dulux Lifemaster Eggshell 59317 Interior Paint Paints 09/29/2017
Dulux Lifemaster Pearl 59425 Interior Paint Paints 04/07/2017
Dulux Ultra Zero VOC Flat 97500 Interior Paint Paints 04/14/2017
Dulux Ultra Zero VOC Primer-White 97600 Interior Primer Paints 05/12/2017
Dulux Ultra Zero VOC Semi-Gloss White 97800 Interior Paint Paints 05/12/2017
Dulux Ultra Zero VOC Eggshell 97900 Interior Paint Paints 04/07/2017
Glidden Ultra 0 VOC Pearl 97910 Interior Paint Paints 10/27/2017