Resinwerks LLC

Resinwerks is an independent manufacturer of resinous floor coating systems with three locations throughout the United States. We make products that are safer for the environment, the facilities who use them, and the contractors who install them. In partnering directly with specifiers, owners, and contractors, our team engineers floor coating systems that provide superior value and long-term performance.

Product Name Product Number Product Line Product Category Conformity Certificate
BioCem™ 250-000A-250, 250-000B-250, 250-000A-50, 250-000B-50, 250-000A-05, 250-000B-05, 250-MF_kit-42, 250-SL_kit-56, 250-TC_kit-200, 250-COVE-29, 250-ACCU-06, 250-ACCU_kit Resinwerks Urethane Cements Concrete Finishes
HDC 100™ 220-0000-02-A, 220-0000-01-B, 220-0000-01, 220-1111-01-B, 220-1111-01, 220-agrg-32-C Resinwerks Urethanes Concrete Finishes
Kinetic™ HS 214-0000-05-A, 214-1000-05-B, 214-0000-10, 214-0000-01-A, 214-1000-01-B, 214-0000-02 Resinwerks Polyaspartics Concrete Finishes
LevelGuard™ EP Clear 130-0000-05-A, 130-1000-05-B, 130-0000-15, 130-0000-02-A, 130-1000-01-B, 130-0000-03 Resinwerks Epoxies Concrete Finishes
Rapid H20 EP 140-0000-01-A, 140-0000-01-B, 140-0000-03 Resinwerks Epoxies Concrete Finishes
Vapor Barrier Epoxy 100-0000-02-A, 100-0000-01-B, 100-0000-03, 100-fast-075-B, 100-fast-275 Resinwerks Epoxies Moisture Barrier (coating)