Sur Quimica S.A.

In the 70s, Grupo Sur Química was born in Central America, as part of the vision of Engineer Lorenzo Giordano Beccaria, to establish a manufacturing plant of paints and coatings with advanced technology, high efficiency, and innovation, so that Central American countries could have better products.

20 years later, the generational change in the corporation’s management, accelerates the technological impulse, now adding and increased environmental commitment and especially to innovation. In this process, led by MBA Enrico Giordano Sessia, the company takes a great leap, being a pioneer in the region to phase out heavy metals from its paint formulas, putting into operation the first processing plant for industrial wastewater and other residues, and consolidating the largest successful diversification of a regional company.

In the relentless pursuit of excellence, Grupo Sur Quimica is now proud to announce that Berkeley Analytical has awarded the CDPH v1.2 certification (the most prestigious standard for VOC emissions analysis) to our line of DURABLE domestic paints, as detailed here.

Product Name Product Number Product Line Product Category Test start date Conformity Certificate
Durable Antihongos Mate 502-59980 Series Durable Antihongos Flat Paints 04/15/2022
Durable Antihongos Satinado 502-59975 Series Durable Antihongos Satin Paints 04/15/2022
Durable Clinical Mate AQ 502-59956 Series Durable Clinical Flat AQ Paints 07/29/2022
Durable Latex Mate 502-59900 Series Durable Latex Flat Paints 04/15/2022
Durable Latex Satinado 502-59901 Series Durable Latex Satin Paints 04/15/2022
Durable Pasta Lisa Para Interiores 596-59915-000 Durable Pasta Lisa Paints 08/11/2023
Durable Sellador AQ930 502-59930 Durable Sealer AQ930 Paints 04/15/2022