Vermont Natural Coatings, Inc.

Vermont Natural Coatings wood, concrete and masonry coatings for indoor and exterior surfaces.  Patented PolyWhey® technology delivers easy-to-use waterbased wood finishes with unparalelled environmental safety and performance. 

PolyWhey 3500 Floor Finish is a clear, single-component water based wood floor finishing topcoat durable in high traffic spaces. Non-yellowing. Safe, durable, quick dry, easy to apply and clean. Apply up to 3 coats in a day. Highest rated abrasion and mar resistance. Appropriate for all indoor wood surfaces - floors, walls, furniture. 

PolyWhey All-in-One Stain & Finish waterbased stain and mild satin topcoat in one. For application on indoor wood surfaces. Available in a wide range of colors.    

High Performance, environmentally responsible PolyWhey Wood Finishes.



Product Name Product Numbersort ascending Product Line Product Category Test start date Conformity Certificate
PolyWhey 3500 - Satin PolyWhey 3500 Satin, PolyWhey 3500 Matte, PolyWhey 3500 Semi-gloss PolyWhey Professional Wood Finishes Paints 09/23/2022
PolyWhey All-in-One Stain & Finish 0001 PolyWhey Wood Finishes Paints 09/23/2022